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The Practice Files

Here are some links to rehearsal files for the works we are working on this term to help with "note-bashing".

These files are on the John Fletcher Music website and are free to use but to access them you will need to register on the John Fletcher site (the links below will take you to the site), or log-in if you have already registered. Registration is also free. You can download the files onto your PC, mobile phone or tablet so that you can listen to them whenever you want even without internet access. Instructions are given on the website under Help>How to play the files.

Mozart's Requiem

Haydn's Te Deum

The following file is on the Cyberbass website and is free to use but not to downloaded.

Mozart's Solemn Vespers of the Confessor

Click here for the Latin words for Solemn Vespers and Te Deum, with English translations