Membership Secretary: Joy Black
07864 731792

Secretary: Barbara Moss
01684 564366


This section is specifically for choir members and is where you will find all the announcements previously made at rehearsals plus a range of useful resources to help you familiarise yourself with the works we are performing and so get the most out of rehearsals.
Click on the buttons at the bottom of the page to access rehearsal dates for the current season, practice files to help with "note-bashing", recordings of the works we are performing to hear what they should sound like, and details of what has been rehearsed at each rehearsal.
Annual Brochures
Annual brochures are available at rehearsals for members to take and hand to friends, family, and businesses who display leaflets. Help us to get word around about concerts for the year and encourage people to join us to sing or in the audience.

A reminder that subscriptions for the year are now due. They are the same as last year, £110.00. Please speak to our new Treasurer, Ian Thomas, if you need details of how to pay, etc.

Membership Forms
If you haven't completed a membership form yet this season, please ask Joy Black, our Membership Secretary, for a form and return the completed form to her as soon as possible. It’s important we have your contact details and it will help ensure everyone gets information sent out by email. If you're not sure whether you've completed a form this season, check the rehearsal signing-in register. A black dot beside your name indicates that you have.

Concert Programmes Advertising

To help cover the cost of printing concert programmes we need more advertisers. Please let Mary Whitehouse or Alice Osmond know if you know of any businesses who might like to support us in this way and get their business in front of our members and audience.

Making Music
Making Music are offering the opportunity to use their Platform, which is time-saving management software. It would provide everything we need to organise our group in one place. However they advise that to implement this we ideally need one person to project-manage the implementation. There is a lot of support available to do this but no one on the committee felt they have the skills to take on the implementation. We are appealing to members who may have this sort of skill to let us know if they can help – or perhaps you know someone who could?