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This section is specifically for choir members and is where you will find all the announcements previously made at rehearsals plus a range of useful resources to help you familiarise yourself with the works we are performing and so get the most out of rehearsals.
Click on the buttons at the bottom of the page to access rehearsal dates for the current season, practice files to help with "note-bashing", recordings of the works we are performing to hear what they should sound like, and details of what has been rehearsed at each rehearsal.
As members of MFC you are invited to take part in Elgar Festival Chorus’ concert as part of the annual Elgar Festival on Saturday 3 June in Worcester Cathedral. This year the concert will be Elgar’s The Music Makers with the English Symphony Orchestra under their conductor Kenneth Woods.

A number of MFC members took part in the Festival concert last year. We found it to be a rewarding experience for which we had to put in a lot of personal practice to be fully prepared! We have received the following information from the Elgar Festival Chorus:

Rehearsals will be taken by Stephen Shellard at St Andrew's Methodist Church, Pump Street, Worcester WR1 2QT.
  • Saturday, 1 April 10 - 1pm
  • Saturday, 15 April 10 - 1pm
  • Saturday, 13 May 10 - 1pm
  • Saturday, 20 May 1 – 4pm

plus, conductor’s rehearsal on Monday 29 May, 19.30 – 21.30pm (this is a Bank Holiday) and on-the-day afternoon rehearsals with full orchestra in Worcester Cathedral, Saturday 3 June (from 1.30pm.)

Singers are required to attend at least 3 of the Saturday sessions with Stephen Shellard, plus the Conductor's rehearsal on 29 May, and afternoon rehearsals on concert day, 3 June with Kenneth Woods.

There is no charge to take part. Music will be available at the first rehearsal if required.

You will note that one of the Saturday rehearsals is on 20 May, which is the date of MFC’s next concert when we’ll be performing the Stanford and Rutter pieces in Great Malvern Priory. This should obviously take precedence and shouldn't present a problem as it is possible to miss one of the Saturday rehearsals with Stephen Shellard.

If you would like to participate, you can register to join the Elgar Festival Chorus here: Join the 2023 Elgar Festival Chorus! – The Elgar Festival

Please let Barbara Moss know that you have registered so that we have a record of MFC members who are representing us in the Elgar Festival Chorus.