Membership Secretary: Vivianne Austen
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Secretary: Barbara Moss

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This section is specifically for choir members and is where you will find all the announcements previously made at rehearsals plus a range of useful resources to help you familiarise yourself with the works we are performing and so get the most out of rehearsals.
Click on the buttons at the bottom of the page to access practice files to help with "note-bashing", recordings of the works we are performing to hear what they should sound like, and details of what has been rehearsed at each rehearsal.

Due to school examinations, the Chase School Hall is not always available for our rehearsals in the Spring Term so please check the Rehearsal Dates webpage to confirm the venues for each rehearsal.

In particular, please note that our first rehearsal of the Spring Term on 9 January 2018 will be in St Andrews Church, Poolbrook Road, Malvern.